Combining the best of all worlds, traveling with Inhale for Om means movement, adventure, connection and a whole lot of fun. Imagine waking up every day surrounded by natural, stunning landscapes, a grounding yoga flow to kickstart your day, and new experiences, sights and flavors ahead of you. We have some amazing destinations and we would love for you to travel with us.


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Meet Caroline & Lindsay: two corporate dropouts, world travelers and yoga teachers who created this community with the mission of making travel and yoga easy, accessible and fun.

Whether you are here for the amazing destinations and adventures of a lifetime, more mindfulness and personal growth, or the opportunity to unplug and connect more deeply with yourself, others and the world, you are in the right place.

"I've never left a retreat feeling so full of positive energy, and so refreshed. I learned so much about Peruvian culture and feel that I grew so much as a person. This retreat changed me, and I will never forget the amazing people and experiences we had together. It was the perfect mix of exploring, adventure, and spiritual growth and reflection."

Jenn S, Peru 2021

"I went into this trip as simply a vacation to see old friends and do some physical activity in a new country, but after connecting with others, I left with lasting friendships and a new appreciation for relationships outside of the retreat. I was able to have more clarity in my daily life. AND I just had a lot of fun" 

Mackenzie T, Costa Rica 2022
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Traveling with us or signing up for one of our wellness programs will mean coming home to yourself. Check out some of our destinations and offerings below.

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