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Inhale For Om is a community dedicated to yoga and travel experiences, connection and mindfulness. We love making wellness and travel feel accessible, fun, and easy, all while ensuring our yoga and travel offerings are intentionally curated to help you expand, grow and connect along the way. Our goal is to inspire you to root deeper, dream bigger, and reconnect you with your joy and passions. 



Om is a very simple sound with a complex meaning. It is an ancient Sanskrit word and represents the vibration of the Universe as a whole coalesced into a single word, representing the union of mind, body, and spirit that is at the heart of yoga.

When we take a deep, intentional breath in-- we pause, we are present, we are connected with our life force, ourselves and our breath. At the end of Lindsay and Caroline’s yoga classes, you will hear them cue to exhale all the air out and “Inhale for Om,” inviting their students to share in this chant of Om to close out practice, and share in this sound of the Universe as one connected community.

Lindsay & Caroline

Lindsay and Caroline met at the first day on the job working as Travel Directors for a Global Events & Travel Company. They instantly bonded after finding out they had both moved back to the US just a few weeks prior to start this new travel operations job-- Lindsay was living abroad in Vietnam working as a tour guide and yoga teacher, and Caroline was living abroad in Nicaragua working as a yoga teacher at a surf camp.

Nothing lights us up more than taking our passions and life experiences of teaching yoga, global travel, and event planning and turning it into yoga and mindfulness offerings and once in a lifetime travel and wellness adventures that are authentic, intentional, and full of fun.

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"Lindsay & Caroline inspire the peace and power within you as you challenge yourself through new experiences as you immerse yourself in different cultures than your own. You leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with unbridled energy to be the best person you can be…on and off your mat. And you may also pick up a few new skills surfing, whitewater rafting, hiking, ATV-ing or trying a head or hand stand with a little help from your few life-long friends. Truly life-changing. I promise you. "

Sandy B, Peru 2021 & Costa Rica 2022

"What an incredible experience! There was nothing that I personally had to do. (How amazing!) The rides, the meals, the classes, and every activity was planned to perfection. It felt like our group had known each other for years. We laughed until we cried, and cried because we got to go deep and share super vulnerable life experiences. It was so amazing to be around such adventurous, easy going and like minded people. I cannot wait for the next adventure!"

Julie N, Costa Rica 2022

"I came to Peru stressed and anxious from work load and active life style. The gardens relaxed me instantly, the Yoga / meditation released toxins and muscle knots, and the Conversations connected me with others. The simply amazing meals provided pure energy to enjoy daily adventures. Gorgeous view of historic sites and nature also connected me back to the Divine. Meditation and the entire program brought out the Best version of Me: Calm , peaceful , content , grateful , compassionate loving,  kind and Oneness!"

Daniel M, Peru 2021

"I came for a vacation and ended up leaving a different person."

Chris K, Costa Rica 2022