"If you are considering going out of the country anywhere with Inhale For Om, just say yes! These ladies nail down every single detail. They make you feel welcome and comfortable the moment they meet you. It truly feels like a family from the start. Everyone that attends seems to be on a like minded journey and the yoga is accessible to any level. You will not be disappointed!


"I seriously felt the happiest I have felt in a long time! The energy from Caroline and Lindsay and the others on the retreat fed my soul and brought out the best version of me."


"This retreat was a wonderful experience.  The logistics were very well planned and executed. The food was incredible. I loved the attention that went into all the lovely yoga classes and playlists. It seemed to be just what my body needed to feel open and strong. I had a very enjoyable week of travel, wellness, and connection with great people."


"I love meeting like minded women who are trying to achieve similar goals and life paths. My biggest takeaway from this retreat is that confidence is way more attractive than self deprecation. I’m so thankful to look in the mirror and say “It’s never too late, you’re never too old, you are right on time.” I feel so thankful for Lindsay and Caroline and this opportunity to travel the world!"


"Caroline & Lindsay’s energy, passion and enthusiasm created a great atmosphere and connected all of us. I thoroughly enjoyed every yoga session. The focus and expert instruction was amazing. As the week progressed I felt like each day got better (the food, the activities, the beautiful surroundings) and thus finished feeling energized and revitalized. I loved the theme of the retreat “living the sweet life” and I now feel even closer to achieving this."