"Going on an adventure to reconnect with my body was the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Lindsay and Caroline are phenomenal facilitators. The yoga sessions and the mindfulness content they provide is absolutely life changing. If you’re looking for an adventure that puts your wellness, happiness, and health at the center, I can’t recommend a get away with Inhale for Om more. It will re energize your love for life and your love for yourself. This was an incredibly transformational and uplifting experience. I hope folks gets to experience something like this in their lifetime.


"This was everything and more than I hoped to receive from a week long yoga retreat. The yoga and workshops were amazing but it was the connections made within all the participants and locals that made it extremely special. Thank you ladies for bringing all of us together. You have truly changed my life.-"


"This experience is one I truly will never forget. Lindsey and Caroline are not only incredible yoga teachers, but they are incredible people that inspire everyone around them to be the absolute best version of themselves and reach for the stars. By the end of the week it felt as if I was saying goodbye to 14 of my closest friends. We laughed together (a lot), cried together, explored, and transformed together. I can honestly say I am walking away from this retreat feeling more secure and confident in my own skin than I have in years."


"I am so incredibly glad that I came on this retreat. Traveling to a breathtaking place and deeply connecting with a like-minded group of people (who were all pretty much strangers to me) was one of the very best experiences of my life. The yoga flows, meditations, and workshops helped me feel better than I have in awhile, both physically and mentally, and the friendships we made were effortless and meaningful. This was the exact experience I needed at that moment in my life to reconnect with myself and move deeper into healing."


"It was such an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I learned so much about myself and also got to experience a new place I never thought I’d go! Thank you Caroline & Lindsay!"